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Allegheny Anesthetists connects CRNAs with those who need anesthesia coverage to ensure anesthetists have the work they want, and facilities get the services they need.

An Idea

Allegheny Anesthetists began in early 1990 as a CRNA-owned and operated business. A handful of anesthetists came together to help their communities and optimize their careers by pooling together their days off to supply office based anesthesia services to local physicians wanting to build and maintain their practice. The core idea being that participating anesthetists would match their free days with physicians who needed anesthesia coverage.

A Bright Future

This “network of care” has experienced dynamic expansion. As the needs of local communities have changed, the network has responded. Consequently, Allegheny Anesthetists now provides anesthesia services in small rural hospitals, trauma centers, surgery centers, plastic surgery centers, pain management practices, endoscopy suites, and large urban hospitals.

A Sense of Community

Allegheny Anesthetists remains committed to empowering CRNAs by opening up new options for them to expand their careers and their incomes. We have never lost sight of our original mission of serving individual patients, doctors, and hospitals as a part of a health care network. The primary focus has always been, and will always be, local hospitals and local people.

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