Now that you’ve had a chance to digest the 16th Annual Spring Anesthesia Conference for 2016 and all the information provided by some fantastic speakers, Allegheny Anesthetists is here to provide what a good sponsor should: Opportunity.

The conference provides an opportunity for all attendees to engage in education and furthering your professional growth.

But what about the opportunity of your anesthesia business?

What does opportunity look like in the real world of healthcare? Many would ask, how can you describe what something looks like that changes daily such as healthcare?

So the question has to be for you, are hoping that you’re ready for changes when they affect you? What are you hoping for today? Are you hoping your new boss likes you? Are you hoping your employer doesn’t sell the business? Are you hoping for a raise next month?

Change finds us every day and we deal with it. Sometimes not very well. Having a plan to deal with the inevitability of change can make all the difference. Allegheny Anesthetists can be your action plan for a strategy to controlling your professional destiny.

Simply going through the process of becoming an independent contractor does not mean you must become one. It means you have a safety net to fall back on. The process is not an easy one but Allegheny Anesthetists can make it simple. Easy but not simple? Yes! One call to AA can provide you with all the professional support you need to navigate the arduous credentialing, legal, and accounting issues.

Once you are through the process, the work begins to find more opportunities for you to put your plan to work.

We are CRNAs helping CRNAs.

Allow us to help you with a strategy of action rather than a strategy of hope.