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25 Jun

Saving for Retirement


Americans Are Saving an Average of 7.6% for Retirement. How Do CRNAs Compare? Jeremy L. Stanley, CFP®, AIF® | June 18, 2018  Share| If you Google how much you should be saving for retirement, you’ll likely find a wide range of numbers, anywhere from 5% to 20% of your gross income. But how much do Americans actually [...]

Saving for Retirement2018-06-25T10:51:00-04:00
29 May

Utilizing Mentors to Maximize Your Growth as a CRNA


Mentoring is a two-way street that benefits all parties involved – both personally and professionally. The benefits of becoming a mentor When another individual sees you – your character, passions, and ambitions – and wants to emulate you, it's a great honor. But being a mentor does not mean you are to turn your mentee [...]

Utilizing Mentors to Maximize Your Growth as a CRNA2018-05-29T14:41:44-04:00
17 May

Spring Conference Presentations Now Posted


Allegheny Anesthetists once again hosted the Spring Student Anesthesia Seminar on April 7-8, 2018, and we are grateful to everyone who attended! We have now posted many of the PowerPoint presentations that were a part of the weekend's activities  -- click on the link below. A gallery of photos has been posted, too. Visit the [...]

Spring Conference Presentations Now Posted2018-05-29T14:37:36-04:00
6 Apr

Public Speaking – A Necessary Skill Set in Healthcare


As a healthcare professional, public speaking is a vital form of communication used at ceremonies, demonstrations, informative presentations, and other events to engage and educate audiences. How to speak effectively Public speaking requires the speaker to first think about the audience. You must think, “Who is this audience? What are they looking to learn? What [...]

Public Speaking – A Necessary Skill Set in Healthcare2018-05-29T14:42:28-04:00
16 Feb

Networking in Healthcare


Networking is a vital technique to utilize for career growth – resulting in positive relationships, opening doors, and the opportunity to learn — no matter where you are in your career as a CRNA. The benefits of networking Networking is sometimes referred to as “schmoozing,” a term with deeply negative connotations. In reality, networking is [...]

Networking in Healthcare2018-05-29T14:32:14-04:00
19 Jan

Time Management


Time management is a key component of reducing stress and reaching career and personal goals. Time is not a renewable resource, so it should be utilized wisely! It's especially important for CRNAs, as they must meet strict deadlines every day. Here's more about how and why you should improve your time management. Accomplish more tasks [...]

Time Management2018-05-29T14:32:04-04:00
24 Jul

The Continued Professional Certification Program by Michael DeBroeck, DNP, CRNA


It used to be that you had to hit on someone’s wife/girlfriend or venture into obscene or racially objectionable slurs to start a bar fight; now all you have to do is walk into any anesthesia break room in the United States and say: “CPC Exam” and suddenly you're in a battle that makes the [...]

The Continued Professional Certification Program by Michael DeBroeck, DNP, CRNA2018-05-29T14:36:25-04:00
25 Apr

A Strategy of Action vs. A Strategy of Hope


Now that you’ve had a chance to digest the 16th Annual Spring Anesthesia Conference for 2016 and all the information provided by some fantastic speakers, Allegheny Anesthetists is here to provide what a good sponsor should: Opportunity. […]

A Strategy of Action vs. A Strategy of Hope2018-05-29T14:56:14-04:00
5 Feb

Taxes: Make the Filing Process as Smooth as Possible


With tax season set to start in January, there are a number of important tax changes that taxpayers and preparers should be aware of to help make the filing process as smooth as possible. One important change occurs with the Affordable Care Act for individuals and businesses. For people who have not gotten the required [...]

Taxes: Make the Filing Process as Smooth as Possible2018-05-29T14:50:15-04:00
12 Jan

Malignant Hyperthermia – Are We Getting Warmer?


Paul Liszewski, CRNA, DNP So what’s the deal with Malignant Hyperthermia (MH)? Sounds like the start of a Seinfeld routine, but there’s nothing funny about results of the latest statistics we have about this pharmacogenetic disease. A group of researchers using an MH registry found that the rate of dying from an MH crisis has actually increased [...]

Malignant Hyperthermia – Are We Getting Warmer?2018-05-29T14:52:35-04:00
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