Interested In Building Your Business?

At Allegheny Anesthetists, we are your partner for building a healthy business and career.

Starting your own business may seem overwhelming or out of reach. With the help of Allegheny Anesthetists, you can start your own business, work your own hours, maximize your income, and more – all on your days off.


How do I apply to be a CRNA/Independent Contractor?

To apply to be an independent contractor, register to complete our online application process.

How will I be paid as an independent contractor?

As an independent contractor, you will be paid weekly through direct deposit.

What if I don’t have malpractice insurance?

If you do not have malpractice insurance, complete and return the Independent Contractor Application and the Direct Deposit Form through our online application process. When you return these items, notify our staff to receive the Malpractice Insurance Form.


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