Balance your workforce to your facility’s needs

With Allegheny Anesthetists, you’re only staffing CRNAs when you need them — which means you’ll lower your overall costs.

How it works

Facilities simply register with us in advance so that we can be prepared to fill shifts as needed. It’s that simple — contact us today

We partner with all types of healthcare facilities, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Trauma centers
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
    • Plastic Surgery
    • Ophthalmic Surgery
    • Oral Surgery
    • Endoscopy
    • Podiatry
    • Pain Management

Here’s more about the benefits of partnering with us:

Experienced, passionate, local CRNAs

Allegheny Anesthetists partners with only experienced, competent CRNAs with experience working in a variety of environments. They’re at the top of their field. We provide personal service by getting to know the facilities that work with us, as well as our CRNAs — ensuring that you’re matched with a CRNA who’s perfect for the job, every time.

No-hassle credentialing

Our staff assists in obtaining credentialing requirements for you, including those that are unique to your facility — ensuring compliance in all aspects of every shift we cover. The information is transferred digitally, making the process convenient and fast.

Ease of scheduling

Let us take over the burden of filling the gaps in your schedule. Simply let us know when you need someone, and we’ll get you covered.

Ease of billing

Allegheny Anesthetists can work with your facility to bill the insurance companies directly, or we can use a locum or per diem model — the choice is yours. Just let our expert billing staff know what makes the most sense for each placement, and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Reduced costs through on-demand services

Many facilities find that using on-demand services provided by Allegheny Anesthetists is more efficient and affordable than employing in-house CRNAs.

Assistance with policies

Allegheny Anesthetists can review, revise, update and help edit policies related to anesthesia for facilities that partner with us.