Allegheny Anesthetists is run by CRNAs, for CRNAs – and to make it easier to see how working as an independent contractor can increase your bottom line now, and far into the future, we’ve provided you with two online calculators: a tax and pension contribution calculator, and a money growth calculator.

Tax and pension calculator

Our tax and pension calculator allows you to enter an estimated number of days off per month you plan to work with us, and your hourly rate. From there, you’ll see your estimated annual income. Then enter your potential pension contribution. The calculator will show you your total deductions, taxable income after pension contribution, and estimated taxes.

Money growth calculator

The money growth calculator allows you to see how your investments can grow over time. Simply enter the amount you plan to invest, along with the anticipated return percentage rate. Fill in your estimated additional yearly contribution. The resulting chart will calculate your investment growth using these variables over time increments of five years, up to 25 years from now.


Allegheny Anesthetists is neither licensed nor qualified to provide financial advice, and these calculators are for informational purposes only and are not substitutes for legal or financial advice from a qualified professional. But we hope these calculators give you insight into how working with us can pay big dividends financially.

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