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12 Sep

Beach-chair Position and Orlando & Cerebral Profusion


Paul Liszewski, CRNA, DNP Sitting on a beach chair along a shore in Orlando is a smile inducing image, but positioning a patient in the beach chair position in the operating room does not prompt the same happy feelings. In this blog I would like to start a discussion on the beach chair position and [...]

Beach-chair Position and Orlando & Cerebral Profusion2018-05-29T14:13:44-04:00
12 Sep

Protect Your Retirement against Market Volatility


As an investor, you’re well aware that, over the short term, the financial markets always move up and down. During your working years, you may feel that you have time to overcome this volatility. And you’d be basing these feelings on actual evidence: the longer the investment period, the greater the tendency of the markets [...]

Protect Your Retirement against Market Volatility2018-05-29T14:34:37-04:00
8 Aug

Obama Care


About the Author Drew Cruse is the CFO and Chief Financial Officer of Allegheny Anesthetists. Drew is married with three children and three grandchildren. In his off hours, he enjoys reading and spending time with his growing family. I would like to discuss a topic that is on everyone’s mind: OBAMA CARE! The Internal Revenue [...]

Obama Care2018-05-29T14:16:59-04:00
25 Jul

Propofol and Endoscopy


Paul Liszewski, CRNA, DNP A few months ago, Highmark Blue Shield (of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia) decided to limit the use of MAC with propofol for patients undergoing GI endoscopy, bronchoscopy and interventional pain procedures to those who qualify from a specific list of risk factors or significant medical conditions. This decision prompted a [...]

Propofol and Endoscopy2018-05-29T14:19:24-04:00
11 Jul

The War on Paper


Whether you are self-employed or part of a regular ol’ company, paper has been the norm, and it has certainly impacted your business processes.  Paper creates the need for filing cabinets and folders, all of which take up office space, need managed, and are not easily searchable. At work and at home, we save important [...]

The War on Paper2018-05-29T14:21:37-04:00
27 Jun

The Elbow Sign


Paul Liszewski, CRNA, DNP Welcome to the first blog entry for the newly updated Allegheny Anesthetists website. I am Paul Liszewski, CRNA and DNP. In addition to working as a staff anesthetist for more than 15 years, I am a self-professed anesthesia nerd and evidence-based practice enthusiast. My blog entries will revolve around anesthesia issues, [...]

The Elbow Sign2018-05-29T14:24:19-04:00
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